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SGUnited Traineeship or Professional Conversion Programme?

Looking for government funding or grants to hire a new digital marketer but are unsure which scheme or programme is the right one for you?

We compare the SGUnited Traineeship and the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for In-House Digital Communications Professionals, and the differences between them. Read on if you’re stuck deciding between the two!


Which is more suitable for your organization’s needs?


SGUnited Traineeship

Best suited for:

Organisations with no qualms about hiring fresh graduates from Polytechnic or University with little to no prior working experience, and are willing to train them to support the business’ operational needs.

What is it:

An initiative by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Workforce Singapore (WSG). This programme provides fresh graduates with valuable industry experience, allowing them to better navigate through today’s bleak hiring climate, and offers host organisations the opportunity to explore fresh new talent while minimising opportunity risks.

Grant/Funding Support:

  • 80% of monthly training allowance for the traineeship tenure

Find out more about the SGUnited Traineeship Programme for Host Organisations here, and for Trainees here.


PCP for In-House Digital Communications Professionals

Best suited for:

Organisations looking to hire individuals that, through their accumulated experience, will be able to quickly bring value to the table through upskilling training and mentoring by senior industry practitioners.

What is it:

A career conversion programme designed to help PMETs in sunsetting industries or mid-career switchers transition into a digital role. Through this place-and-train programme, organations gain seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and transferable knowledge.

Grant/Funding Support:

  • 70% - 90% subsidy on salary for 4 months

  • 70% - 90% subsidy on course fees


Key details of SGUT Traineeship & PCP

Interested to find out more about

PCP For In-House Digital Communications Professionals?

Visit or contact for more information.


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