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Business Unusual – The New Norm, Now & Beyond COVID-19 – A QED Changemaker Series Session

On 29 May, 57 senior executives from both public and private enterprises gathered at the 5th edition of the QED Changemaker Series to discuss their views on “Business Unusual – The new norm now and beyond COVID-19”. Unlike the usual physical conference format for previous editions, this closed door and by-invite session was held fully online as a new pilot format amidst the pandemic.

Under the Chatham House Rule, select pre-eminent industry leaders candidly shared their opinions and insights across three aspects in response to the topic:

  • business and industry landscape,

  • organisational or team view, and

  • personal impact

The consensus was that organisations are generally adapting well to the new norm and that adaptability, collaboration and innovation are key in these times. The leaders were also generally optimistic that their organisations were ready to face the challenges post COVID-19.

As part of this new online format, the leaders enjoyed the virtual breakout sessions where they had the opportunity to share their personal vantage points and hear from peers on the topic. The pre-event podcast episodes and online networking session also received great feedback, with the leaders enjoying the insightful sharing by 6 speakers and the opportunity to build more business bridges even as in-person meetings are not possible.

Here’s some further insights we gathered around the topic:

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