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Our Services

Strategic Counsel

QED delivers strategic counsel to corporate leaders and senior management teams on all digital communication issues. We draw on our expertise, experience and insights to recommend effective strategies that meet key business objectives. 

Digital Crisis & Reputation Management

QED works with our clients to mitigate online reputational risks by preparing for, managing and recovering from all digital crisis situations. Our experienced team is ready to support any digital crisis scenarios.

Digital Performance Audit

QED audits our clients' digital communication performance against industry benchmarks and intended strategic objectives. We help identify opportunities and offer practical recommendations that optimize performance.

Team Structuring & Workflow Design

QED designs digital communication team structures that are better integrated within an organization. Our designs include workflows and processes that are resilient, scalable and sustainable in a digital-centric future.

Policy Development

QED provides research, analysis & advisory on communication policies to protect the tripartite interests of organization, employee and the public.

Training & Equipping

QED has a panel of experienced industry professionals to equip in-house digital teams with a variety of digital communication skill sets. This knowledge transfer of technical skills is highly customized to the needs of our clients.

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