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Business Data Storytelling

Harness the power of data and master the art & science of good business storytelling. 

With data & analytics becoming increasingly important to organisations, the ability to translate raw data and numbers into narratives that communicate actionable insights and ideas has become an essential skillset for professionals to possess.


This 2-day workshop goes beyond data visualisation and chart creation to equip participants with deep knowledge and practical skills on how design a convincing, evidence-based business story using data and a storytelling framework.

Be equipped with:

Data analysis fundamentals - analyse numbers & data sets to obtain business insights

Storytelling framework & techniques -  translate numbers & data into compelling business narratives

Best practices on curating impactful business stories, tailored to achieve buy-ins from stakeholders 

Tips and tricks for developing effective visuals to support business stories

Who Should Attend

Course Details 

  • 2-day Masterclass

  • 9am - 5pm daily

(includes a 1-hour lunch break) 


  • Professionals who work extensively with data sets and employ data analysis / data visualisation in their roles

  • Professionals in roles that require collaboration with different departments or business key stakeholders

  • Executives & Managers who over see data handling and reporting within their organisations

For more information on upcoming workshop schedule & relevant course fees,

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