[T-ASSIST Funding] Driving Conversions with an Effective Brand Strategy (2 days)

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this 2-day masterclass, participants will learn to ignite the dormant (and immense) power of your Brand that will:

  • develop your brand into a distinct, outstanding, relevant and economically valuable entity

  • maximize focal alignment with your target audience towards beyond loyalty

  • drive stakeholder advocacy inside-out that drives a powerful cycle of returns

  • optimise resources to maximise insights and returns, and minimize cost and wastage

  • align & drive business and marketing goals to maximise returns

  • enable the ability to continually develop, innovate and grow through your brand

Workshop Outline

  • The power & value of your brand

  • The power of customer - impact on brand value

  • Define, develop & build your Brand Strategy

  • Driving Brand Strategy to performance conversion

  • Brand Customer Experience - impact on performance

  • Marketing strategy & execution

Who Should Attend

This program is for stakeholders in Branding, Marketing, Corporate Communications, at the levels of developing strategies, planning, and executing for organization's growth initiatives, such as but not exclusive to, managing Customer Experience Touchpoints, Supply Chain, Distribution Channels, Customer / Client-facing or General Management.

Course Details

  • Date: 22 - 23 Feb | 24 - 25 Mar

  • Time: 9am - 6pm

  • Venue: Online (Zoom)

  • Course fee (excluding GST):

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Cindy Koh | Associate Senior Consultant

Cindy is an Associate Senior Consultant with QED Consulting. She has held various key roles heading Product Management, Digital & Integrated Performance Marketing and Branding in several Global and Local Banks over the past 20 years. She comes with a well-known track record in the banking industry of having both revived as well as instituted tangible Marketing and Brand leadership for the banks she has worked with. Key amongst her achievements are also pioneering several future-forward initiatives which included Data Analytics & Consumer Research at UOB, and Digital & Social Marketing for Citibank which was key in triggering a corporate-wide awareness and the criticality of establishing Digitalisation Leadership imperatives. She has also led Regional Marketing roles with Credit Suisse and ANZ Bank.

Cindy currently also works with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the edutech organisation Upgrad.com, co-developing and lecturing on the “Global Executive Program for Strategic Digital Marketing & Transformation” that launched in February 2018. Apart from contributing in-depth blogs with insights on effective Strategic Marketing application, she is also a Keynote Speaker, and has mentored over 100 executives to-date across industries and globally, on developing & driving Business, Marketing and Brand Growth Models through Digital, Data and Consumer-centric Strategies, Customer Experience & Design Thinking, developing agile team structures and talent, as well as professional self-development.

During her tenure as Head of Strategic Marketing, Branding & Digital at Citibank, Cindy was an Adjunct Tutor for Marketing at the National University of Singapore Business School, attributed to her passion in the need for Singapore to nurture future Marketing talents imbued with strategic capabilities and visionary mentalities.

Detailed Professional Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindykoh06/

About QED Consulting

More about the firm

QED Consulting helps organizations extract value from their digital marketing investments and is in the business of digital capability building. We bring together the best senior minds from Asia to collectively solve challenging digital, marketing, and communications issues on-demand. Through bridging the art of business with the science of digital, we deliver excellence.

Our consulting and training philosophy

The most effective consultants and trainers are practitioners - that is why our experienced practicing consultants each come with at least a decade of experience in digital and social media marketing communications. Our strategic counsel and training methodology comprise of mentoring, advisory, presentations, case studies, simulations, industry best practices and hands-on application to industry realistic exercises.

About T-Assistance (T-Assist)

Talent-Assistance (T-Assist) is an initiative under IMDA’s Media Manpower Plan that aims to strengthen the media capabilities of the local workforce. Under the initiative, funding support is provided to eligible companies and individuals to encourage them to acquire deeper skills and competencies through a list of pre-approved media courses, focusing on courses at intermediate and advanced levels.

To build a strong core of media talents, T-Assist had been expanded to support all local workforce from April 2019.

Find out more at: https://www.imda.gov.sg/imtalent/programmes/t-assist

Click here to register for the masterclass.

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