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Our Services


Imagine having a panel of the world's best senior marketers from Asia, all working together to solve your toughest digital, marketing and communication challenges on-demand, without undue delay, and cost effectively. Freeing your business to redeploy valuable resources in a flexible manner for growth as an advantage. Here at QED, we can help you with this unique leverage through our carefully designed services that deliver maximum impact and results.

Strategic Counsel & Clinics

QED delivers strategic counsel and clinics to corporate leaders and senior management teams on digital, marketing and communications issues. We draw on our expertise, experience and insights to recommend effective strategies that meet key business objectives. 

Situational Audits

QED conducts situational audits of our clients' strategic and operational performance against industry benchmarks and intended business objectives. We then help identify opportunities and offer practical recommendations that close existing gaps and optimise performance.

Research & Insights

QED provides a wide range of consumer-related research, digital and competitive landscape studies to help businesses develop an improved sense of the business and market terrain. We then help our clients discover new opportunities and optimise their strategies through our insights and analyses.

Strategy Design

QED helps our clients focus their efforts by designing and developing the best strategies to meet the strategic objectives. With our professional experience and industry insights, we help organisations take advantage of emerging opportunities, while avoiding the inherent investment risks​ of limited resources.

Training & Masterclasses

QED has a panel of experienced industry professionals to equip in-house digital teams with a variety of digital communication skill sets. This knowledge transfer of technical skills is highly customized to the needs of our clients.

So why QED?

  • Engage a Chief Marketing Officer at a fraction of hiring a full time one

  • Pay only for what you need. Remunerate based on valuable outcomes and deliverables

  • Leverage on not one, but a company of experts for your challenges

Need clarity on your current digital, marketing and communications challenges? Let's have a chat.

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